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Foto: Christer Renström

Fishing in the Kaitum river

The Kaitum River, one of Europe’s few remaining pristine rivers, has its source in the peaks and slopes of the Kebnekaise range, but runs smooth and deep through the village. The best fishing and wilderness experiences can be found at Killingifallet (Killinge waterfall) just below the village, where you can fish for grayling, brown trout and salmon. The 20 km kilometre stretch below the waterfall alternates between rapids and calmer runs.

Not far from Killinge, lake Ahdenjärvi is stocked with rainbow trout and Arctic char. This is the perfect fishing spot for the whole family, in summer and winter!


You will need a fishing license

Anyone who wants to enjoy game fishing must buy a fishing license beforehand. There are different licenses for different parts of the river, and you will find the appropriate information on the fishing map posted on the website of Gällivare Municipality. You can also find useful information about fishing and fishing licenses on

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